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Curatorial credits

Curatorial Credits

Exhibition Curators:

Daryl Green (former Fellow Librarian, Magdalen College):

Daryl Green worked as Fellow Librarian at Magdalen College until February 2020. During his time at Magdalen, he curated a number of successful exhibitions. He is passionate about highlighting special collections to wider audiences. During his time at Magdalen, he regularly hosted tutorial seminar groups in the Old Library working on a variety of topics such as 17th and 18th century literature, Oscar Wilde, medieval materiality, and the history of engineering and science.

Dr Shelley Meagher (Senior Development Executive, Magdalen College):

Among other Development activities, Shelley Meagher has spent the last two years building an enterprise and innovation network among alumni of Magdalen. She is passionate about Magdalen’s academic entrepreneurs, spinouts, start-ups and social enterprises, and the special opportunities afforded by the College’s relationship with The Oxford Science Park. Before joining Magdalen in 2018, Shelley founded and ran a company named Do it on the Roof, designing, constructing and cultivating living roofs and walls. Formerly she held lectureships in English Literature at St Hugh’s College, Oxford and Queen’s University Belfast. This detailed knowledge of the worlds of academia and entrepreneurship made her the perfect curator for this exhibition!

William Shire (Assistant Librarian, Magdalen College)

Will joined Magdalen College in August 2019 and started working to support the library’s programme of exhibitions straight away. As he is passionate about using technology to support the library’s exhibition and event programmes, he very much enjoyed working on this exhibition. For Magdalen Means Business, Will helped to write the text for the physical and online exhibitions, assisted with the administration of the events programme, and helped to digitise the exhibition content, making it suitable for online publication.


The curators must first give thanks to Professor Constantin Coussios, Barbara Domayne-Hayman, Noel Hunwick & Danny Potter, Adrian Kozhevnikov, Beth Plant, Chamindra de Silva, and the family of Professor Brian Bellhouse. Without their help, the exhibition would not have been possible.

Secondly, thanks must be given to all who spoke at the events accompanying this exhibition. We know that everyone is very busy, so contributors’ time is most appreciated.


Video credits:

Thanks must be given to Calum Jelf at Punchline Media for filming the event recordings for this series.

Image credits:

The majority of the images are the copyright of Magdalen College. The only exceptions are listed below:

Colen, C. (2015). Binary Code [Image]. Retrieved from https://tinyurl.com/y9mdnr7r

Van der Werf, P. (2018). Printed Circuit Board [Image]. Retrieved from https://tinyurl.com/y8anbd6p 

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